Sophie intrigued by textured surfaces, and the way they change and decay over time

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SOPHIE CAPRON studied textile art at Winchester School of Art, graduating in 2005. Including textiles training and an exhibition in Japan, she has travelled extensively, gaining inspiration from many different countries. Now back in her childhood home of Cornwall, she continues to paint and explores texture through multimedia. She is intrigued by textured surfaces, the way they change and decay over time and the memories and stories they can hide and reveal. Cracks, chips, spray paint, rust and algae all play an important part. Recent years have seen Sophie develop and hone her distinctive, textured style. She moved into the Old Bakery Studios, Truro in 2010, started exhibiting in the Lane Gallery in 2011 and has recently signed a contract for Whistle Fish Galleries. She has also been involved in Big Art Truro for the past two years (creating work influenced by the surroundings of the streets of Truro) and is hoping to do the same this year.

Sophie is also a founder member of Scattered Art, a group that organises ‘pop-up’ exhibitions in unusual and unexpected locations. This is now looking ahead to its fifth exhibition since forming last summer. Sophie is always energetic and passionate about the projects she embarks on, she strives to challenge herself and to develop and perfect her own techniques.

Most importantly however, she enjoys her art, has a down-to-earth and enthusiastic attitude and appreciates the responses her pieces generate from the viewer.

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