Cornish abstract artist auctions work to help preserve nature reserves

By bevcoumbe

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A renowned Cornish artist is to auction off her work to help raise funds for the Cornish Wildlife Trust.

Sophie Capron, an abstract artist and teacher from Truro, is staging an auction at the Old Bakery Studios in Truro on August 1 at 7pm to help the trust buy 84 acres of threatened land in West Penwith.

Sophie Capron’s work A Hidden Place.


The two sites are some of the most important wildlife habitats in the area and the trust wants to restore them so that rare species like Skylark, small lizards and red damselflyies can thrive.

Sophie’s abstract paintings, which are largely inspired by the Cornish environment, can be viewed in galleries and exhibitions across the county.

She said:”It was several years ago, that I had an artistic revelation that would inspire all the work I have done since. I became fascinated by the idea of nature. More importantly, the idea of nature reclaiming what is rightfully hers. Nature will always crawl back and edit, adapt and infiltrate. So it seemed fitting, in many ways, that I help the Cornish Wildlife Trust reclaim Bostraze Bog and Bartinney Downs for the wildlife that thrives there.”

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