dRaW – the artist’s workshop

drawing group 5

To make sure I keep my hand in with the medium of drawing, I regularly attend a workshop called dRaW.  Held at the Bakery Studios in Truro where I have my own studio, the group of artists meet up regularly to draw using different techniques.  This is drawing in its loosest sense, using sticks, drawing with thread, mono printing, drawing to music and more!

drawing group 1

Launched by Charlotte Davies back in October, dRaW meets every couple of weeks with artists taking it in turns to lead the group in different exercises and artistic techniques; thus ensuring that everyone’s individual skills are utilised.  The purpose of the group is to get creative types together to explore mark making and it has really made me rethink the marks I use and how they are placed on the page or surface.

The most recent session last week was led by Amy Albright, a very talented oil painter.  The group drew without seeing the object, which was hidden in a bag.  A very relaxing experience, the exercise highlighted the senses that are used for drawing.

drawing group 6

drawing group 2

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